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We can find a property and evidence room in every law enforcement agency.  It may be very small or very large, but each agency needs one. No matter what your title, evidence technician; property room manager or maybe you're the records clerk or officer whose been given the evidence task, it's a very important job that can cost your agency money and embarrassment if items come up missing. 


The importance of the property and evidence room has always been noticed by LEIRA.  One of the Standing Committees is Property & Evidence, regional training offers property and evidence classes and conferences have a property and evidence track.   If you are passionate about property and evidence, join the committee and help provide needed input.  You can email the us if you would like information.


The Washington State Crime Laboratory  operates five multi-service crime laboratories in Seattle, Tacoma, Marysville, Spokane, Vancouver and limited-service crime laboratories including the Kennewick, Tumwater (Latents Fingerprints) and the CODIS Laboratory in Seattle. The laboratories provide quality forensic services for criminal justice agencies within the state of Washington.  Take the time to look through their website at everything they do and offer!


If you've never read or watched a video about problems with an evidence room, take a look at the International Association for Property and Evidence, Inc.  IAPE  website.  This website provides valuable information on property and evidence room management.